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Tiffany Young


Tiffany is owner and creative force behind Tiffany Young & Crew, a flourishing remodeling company that mirrors her dedication to turning dreams into stunning realities. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Tiffany is a devoted wife and mother to three boys, finding a harmonious balance between family and business.


Faith is not just a component but a guiding principle in Tiffany's life and business. It weaves through the very fabric of Tiffany Young & Crew, influencing every project with a sense of purpose and integrity. Tiffany's passion lies in the transformative process, taking the broken and turning it into something truly beautiful. Her remodels are a testament to her skill and commitment, reflecting a unique blend of craftsmanship and artistry that sets her apart in the industry.

Mike Hanner

Mike is Tiffany's business partner and brings a wealth of experience, humor, and guidance to those around him. As Tiffany's mentor, he's not only shaped her successful remodeling business but also instilled in her the importance of a positive work environment and a good sense of humor. Beyond business, Mike has played a significant role in Tiffany's spiritual journey, introducing her to the teachings of Jesus. With his infectious laughter and unwavering support, Mike is not just Tiffany's father; he's a mentor, a friend, and a source of inspiration in both business and life.

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Stephen Dedwylder

Headshot for TYC Employee

Stephen Dedwylder serves as the Vice President of Tiffany Young & Crew, bringing a wealth of business management expertise and a sharp eye for detail. With a degree in business management and extensive upper-level management experience, he spearheads business development, making him an integral part of the team. Stephen's profound familiarity with real estate and remodeling adds a strategic edge to Tiffany's operations, contributing significantly to the company's success. His commitment to excellence and strategic vision make him a key player in driving the growth and efficiency of Tiffany Young & Crew.

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